I'm just done w/ deleting the1.3k pictures I'd shared on my IG profile since first starting out back in 2014. It was a great chance to understand the nature of my content (...fake, a construct I thought, at the time, people would appreciate... WHO are those people? WHAT is the point of it all anyway??). I cringed a lot. Was sorry for the old me ... the twisted beliefs that went into the writing of those captions. Gave myself a big hug - cause I remembered how insecure, lonely, afraid, and aimless the person behind the content really felt. 

I noticed my smile (when I did smile...not often!) was pretty forced and quite bitter-sweet up until beginning of 2018 (when I started posting rarely, and more genuinely... sharing pretty much the acts and emotions experienced).

For me, the plus side of getting off social media is important. It ensures I find my voice, my mission, and my real self before I go on and put stuff out there into the online verse. It leaves me feeling hopeful about the coming years. It's about putting my real life first. 

And it feels really exciting - which is how I know it's the right thing to do!
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