You know it - now how can you do it? How do you get around to spending time with yourself - sans going crazy, getting bored, or falling too deep in them existential crises?

Here is what works for me, try it (maybe?) and see how you feel about the results:

1. Be kind - about prioritising time with yourself, to the detriment of socialising. Know that it's a perfectly good thing for you to do. It's not selfish, it's self-full. If you don't take care of yourself, you'll not only feel lost, but also make it harder for those around you who'll start worrying about you and then want to help only to make things even harder. Ugh, what a mess! Just give yourself some... time time with yourself :)

2. Don't be afraid - when you decide to spend time with yourself (especially if it's to the detriment of other social occasions such as festive parties, job reunions, etc.) some Qs might pop up: DID I MAKE THE BEST CHOICE? WILL I MISS OUT ON OTHER OPPORTUNITIES? But fear not - if it's yours, you cannot lose it, and if it's not yours, you don't want it!

3. Relax, take it easy, love yourself - when things seem crazy, and life gets out of hand, remember to take things easy. You might be pressured by some sort of immense goal or an innate fear of failure - however, a quick reminder of your sole obligation ( just be the love you are) will calm things down again!
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