Looking back on 2018, there are three moments that instantly stand out in my mind:
1. Eating rice from a take away box, by a table next to the residential pool, whilst watching the sun set, and thinking to myself 'this is so peaceful, i don't need anything else, yes god, this is the good life, it's so simple, and so quiet'. I had a hunch to take some pics. Comes in handy now.
2. Waiting for an Uber - it was the first of September, felt like summer, the most perfect breeze was there, the trees looked green and alive. No one else but me and the street. I became one w/ it, and the trees, and the sun rays. Again, it was a quiet moment. So beautiful. Words don't suffice.
3. My bed. Warm sheets. Fresh morning. So quiet. And peaceful. Not too bright, not too dark. I could taste, and feel, and soak in a state of presence.​​​​​​​
That's it. That's what automatically comes to mind when I think about 2018 in retrospect. For all other happenings and dramas and pains - I must spend a moment or two searching and scouting. Silence, presence, the beauty of ... being - they just pop up by their own, which leads me to think these are the things that truly matter!
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