The easiest way to get this truth is to live it. I could go on forever trying to explain and  shed some light, but instead, I believe it to be more beneficial if I simply extend a challenge, designed to bring creativity levels up to a new high for you! So, for the following few weeks (or as much as you find the dedication to go on for), try this:

1. Address mental-level issues w/ mental-level solutions. So, if you're anxious (mental issue) address the issue w/ a corresponding solution (take a break, breathe deep, ground yourself, get out in nature, clear your mind, etc.). Don't employ a physical-level solution (such as escaping into food, or consumerism) for a mental-level issue. Same goes for any of the three levels - mind, body, or consciousness.

2. Embrace the richness of 'nothingness'. Most people are afraid of not having anything to do, or anyone to be with. Even though 'nothingness' can easily be confused for failure (and, thus, generate fear in the psyche of the subject), 'nothingness' can be seen as a blank page - a chance for a fresh start - the empty canvas preceding every masterpiece. What a blessing!

3. Build momentum. In everything you do - be it cleaner eating, creating art, ideating projects - momentum is your best ally, guaranteed to aid in forming habits, and bringing about that sweet sweet pinnacle.

As a general rule, be kind. And easy w/ yourself. Be your best lover, not the mean, ugly critic!
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