Dear Grandma... What's an MVP?

Bazat pe o poveste reala

My sweet gran's getting ready for her departure - after a nearly century-long gig on Planet Earth. 
Today, I'm by her side for a final catch-up on the two big things she's ever really been curios about: my career (MVP-bits-and-bobs at the stellar Squid40) and my love life (...any wedding on the horizon??). Whilst the latter is an easy 'no' 🙃 the former gets a bit trickier!
My gran has always found it difficult to grasp conundrums (i.e. ripped jeans, 'the Internet', cards 🤯) so how - will you ask - does one go about explaining the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to her? Let's see what we can do about that...

Dear Grandma... want to know what an MVP is? Well then, an MVP is the basic form of something. Of something? Yes, of something, of anything! 
Remember when you married my grandfather? You two knew nothing about the many updates that were to follow - my father, his brother, the lake house. On that wedding day you jumped on a product (your marriage) in its rough form, promising nonetheless, and destined to blossom! Getting even to that MVP version of the product (your marriage) required a lot of help - advice from your mother, event prep support from your brothers - akin to what Squid40 now does for its awesome digital clients
I hear you sweet nan, you want to know why Minimum Viable Products are important. And why not take a leap of faith instead. Before jumping headfirst into the market, please consider the MVP route; it will help...

😅 Avoid disappointment 😅 
Your brilliant idea might not be exactly what the world is looking for - yet! A few tweaks here and there (informed by the MVP) however, could be what it takes to bring about alignment and avoid disappointment;

💸 Save money 💸  
By identifying what people want early on, you get to focus on the essentials, thus spending less resources on collateral stuff;

🚀 Gain traction 🚀
Building upon a simple, yet solid MVP can skyrocket your product and land it into the sweet realm of  immense growth. Think about the insights and users engaged during the MVP process - it's all precious stuff. Knowledge, like interest, compounds over time!
Now, lovely nanette, how about you tell me what success is to you! How much your talents, your love, your joy, and your wisdom have been put to good use? How much you were able to be present? How much others wanted to be around because they could find in you the answers they'd been seeking?

And to think that the basic form of something, of anything, of any product - from a marriage to a baby to an app - can culminate in this type of success. What a mighty thing, indeed!  
Pretty basic first form of a product; 
Can already be shown to users; 
They can certainly use it;
There's definitely some value to it.
Goodbye now, little squid, see you next time!
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