We did the impossible - explain the MVP concept to a grandma! You bet we can help with your digital product needs, too 💪🏽🦑 
[video here]
We explained the concept of MVP to a grandma. She got it. Surely that makes us some sort of MVP experts. See below, read here (link.in/sq), test us with your project 🦑🚀 #WeAreSquid40 #innovationstudio #digitalproducts #digitalincubator #MVP
[video here]
In our Story today, we showed you how we went about explaining the MVP concept to a grandma 👵🏽 Even more things we could show you (DM us):
🔥our office terrace
🎄our office xmas tree #nevertooearly
🧑🏻‍🎤 fire rendition of a chart-topping hit of your choice #wehavetalents
Recently tasked with explaining MVP to a grandma! Aced it. Thank God we didn't have to explain Twitter... #WeAreSquid40 #innovationstudio
[video here]
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