At CG's [adult, female friend and public figure] private home, on the upper levels of Andares (luxury shopping mall in Mexico), a sort of Factory Berlin refurb, gazing into each other's eyes, after a long time of not seeing one another... Her wanting to try sex together, then her fervently looking for plane tickets to Greece for her husband and kids. JP [Mexican, mature, male real estate developer, friend, and sugar daddy] sourcing those plane tix, then CG and I sharing a conference; EU [female prime minister] living around there as well, having a cheap lunch out of a Tupperware box;  me going to a spa/pool and meeting Chan [course mate] there, she said Hi standing next to a friend of hers.

Me, mom, dad, and matei [my brother] - they had a special 3D printer machine. Me wanting an Apple tablet/phone like matei had, but mom printing a Sony loudspeaker instead... a bag of fruit, mom and I going to a sports class together.

Me living in a hotel a la long, the maids doing chit chat to me one night, toward the end, them not knowing I was going to have to start working as a maid, too, starting the following week... all of this happening in Spanish...
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