well, he was such a sweetheart… but the craziest thing happened!

omg! He fucked you?

no! So basically, he comes in and he’s got the sweetest accent, like that cute London one, minus the poshness :) he’s very theatrical, cause he does something in a theatre, like a stage manager or something. that’s pretty much why he came to [city name] in the first place, it’s a work thing and he’s staying with a friend.

uhh, that’s odd!

yeah, but anyway, he comes in, and we get up, then we start making out, and I go down on him, I mean, he had a cute one, but bit thin

pencil dick?

yeah hahah! So I start rimming him, and as I’m at it, I feel the strangest consistency in my mouth

no! shut up! don’t say it!

mhmmm, o h   m y   g o d    I couldn’t believe it!! It was shit!

n o o  o  o   o ! ! !!

yes!!! It wasn’t the taste as much as the consistency  a h h h  hhhh!!!

Oh my god! That’s fucking gross! What did you do?

I said ‘I think I need to go to the washroom, something got in my mouth’ a a a aaaaah!!

Fucking hell Tudor!!

I know!!! He did smell so nice though, like his aftershave was great, still have it on my finger, you wanna smell it?

ughhhh, stop it!!

Come on [girl’s name]!! It’s so nice, I’m telling you ;-)

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