Oh .. dear! The craziest thing ever just happened on this flight from Mexico to Vancouver - trust me, you won’t believe it!

Ohh T . .  .   .  ( ! )   let’s hear ! O !

So basically, I get to the airport, and I wait by the gate - as you do - and I see this one boy who’s so cute and adorable ! But I figure, what are the odds he’s on the same ‘small plane-tiny hop to Phoenix-as we head for the North’ flight. None, Slim, at best.

No, stop it, he was…! He was gonna board that same flight with you!

You bet -!- You got it - babe!

Geez, T!

I knoww ( ! ) Not only that,  but he also got sat next to me. It was a two-seater row, so we got real comfy…

Oh My God! Did you guys talk?

Kinda :) I was too shy to say anything for the first half of the flight, but then they handed out those immigration forms, and I had an extra pen… he had none… and I offered. First my pen, then my hand, then my head on his chest, then my no. in his cell, then my stories down his face.

Wow, I swear you always do this! You always just find people in the most random of ways.

You know what’s crazy?

Oh boy. You guys did it?

No!! My gosh!!

Ohkaay hehe!

You know how I was reading that spiritual book by Florence Scovel Shinn, called The Game of Life?

… yeah, that same shit of yours…

Yeah, where she talks about the divine design, and speaking the word. It’s so obscure, nobody really knows about it. She was super famous in the early 1900s or something, she’s been forgotten by know…

Yeah, go on… what about it?

Well, guess what, this guy took it out of his bag as we were getting ready to land. I literally could not believe it. It felt so magical, I sensed it as a miracle unfolding. Meant to be!

Did you guys stay in touch?

Nope, he stopped replying.
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